Information for Data Subjects

The CRC collect, use and store information about staff and the people we work with. This means that we process your personal data. It is a legal requirement of the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA) that we tell you how we use this information.

This requirement covers information stored on computers, and in some cases, information stored in paper records.


The Data Protection Act (DPA) gives you rights

For example, you can ask us:

  • How we use that information
  • Who we pass it to
  • For a copy of the information we hold
  • To correct it if the information is wrong


The DPA says that we must:

  • Not allow the information to be used or seen by anyone who should not see it
  • Give you copies of your personal information if you ask for it


Why do we keep personal information about you?

We collect information to allow us to carry out the work of the CRC with service users and victims of crime. We also collect information about staff to perform our duties as an employer.


What sorts of information do we keep?

The sorts of information we keep include:

  • Your name, address, date of birth, ethnic origin, gender
  • Details of offences and previous convictions
  • Details of any court orders we supervise or reports we write
  • Records of your contact with the CRC


Who do we share your information with?

  • We have to pass some information to the Ministry Of Justice who monitor how we carry out our duties
  • We have to share some information with courts, prisons, police, CPS and Social Care
  • We have to tell the courts or Parole Board if service users breach their supervision
  • We have to give some information to the victim of a serious offence if they have asked to be kept informed of the service user’s progress
  • We may share some information with other people who help us to supervise service users, but we will ask your permission before sharing this information
  • We pass the information to other CRCs or the National Probation Service if you move into their area or if we cooperate on work involving your personal information


How to get access to information we hold on you

If you just want to see the information but do not want a copy, you can ask your supervising officer to show you. You will not be given any copies of the information in the record, and there will be no charge for this service.


How to get a copy of the information we hold on you

You have the right to make a “data subject access request” (under Section 7 of the Data Protection Act 1998) to receive copies of the information we hold about you, but you must:


  • Send a signed letter to –


The Information Security Manager

DLNR CRC Limited

Customer Service Centre

King Edward Court, King Edward Street,

Nottingham NG7 1EW.


  • Provide your full name and date of birth and present address
  • Provide a copy of signed identification, e.g. a driving licence or passport


What is non-accessible information?

We shall be as open as we can about the information we keep on you, but there are certain limits to what we can legally give you access to. For example, we will not give you information:

  • About other people, including members of your family ;
  • That needs the permission of the person(s) who gave it to us, before we can pass it on to you ;
  • That may cause harm to you or another person if we gave the information to you


We will inform you if there is any information that we cannot share with you.

What if you are not happy with what is happening with the information we keep about you?

Firstly please talk to your supervising officer about it.

Next, if you are still unhappy, you can write to the Chief Executive at:


DLNR CRC Limited

4th Floor,

Livery Place,

35 Livery Street,


B3 2PB


Lastly, if you are still not happy with how we are dealing with your information, you can write to the Information Commissioner and ask him to look at the procedures we are following.


You can contact the Information Commissioner at:


Information Commissioner’s Office

Whycliffe House

Water Lane





Telephone 01625 545 745


Further information about the work of the Information Commissioner and about data protection can be found at :

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