Programmes for Offenders
As part of your community order you may have been ordered to attend a programme that has been designed to target behavior or attitudes that have led to your offending.

You will attend a group and the tutors will deliver each session that will gradually help you to learn new skills and a new approach to
future problems or certain situations that have landed you in trouble.

Some of the programmes delivered by the CRC are featured here. We have included a number of comments from the tutors, who are
also called facilitators.

Thinking Skills Programme (TSP)
Suitable for
It is designed for those offenders who display:

  • poor problem solving skills,
  • impulsive behaviour and a lack of thinking concerning the consequences of their actions.

Tutor viewpoint
“The programme is broken down into five session slots. We also have one-to-one meetings with offenders to pick up any issues they may have and we discuss their progress.

“Our work is to challenge their beliefs and attitudes. The role of a programme facilitator is to give offenders the ‘mental tools’ to change the behaviour that is getting them into trouble. However, bringing about change, particularly with a repeat offender, can be a slow process. Unfortunately, we see many service users who have grown up without guidance on how to develop the normal thinking processes to solve problems, or talk about their emotional feelings.”

Control of Violence for Angry Impulsive Drinkers (COVAID)
Suitable for
The programme is suitable for those offenders who are violent when intoxicated. It aims to control the amount drunk and to identify and decrease those risk factors associated with drinking. COVAID can also be used for offenders who commit acts of domestic violent when intoxicated.

Tutor viewpoint
“There’s an old saying that states – ‘A drunken man’s actions are a sober man’s thoughts.’ By highlighting this old proverb we explain that the programme not only gives the participants information about alcohol and its strengths, we also want to work with them to deal with the emotions and thoughts behind why they drink and behave in this manner. We try to find out what are the hidden issues that come to the fore when they have consumed alcohol.”

Suitable for men only
Designed for medium to high risk offenders, who have committed an act of violence or previous offences (convicted or non-convicted) within two years prior to the sentence.

Facilitator viewpoints
“RESOLVE is so flexible and targets different factors for violence.”

“RESOLVE enables participants to develop insight into how thoughts, actions, emotions, past experiences and present factors influence decisions.”

“RESOLVE aims to help participants to develop skills in emotional management and to support them to practise these and to make sensible and realistic plans for their future. The programme is flexible and supports a variety of learning styles.”

Building Better Relationships
Suitable for men only
Designed for those medium to high risk offenders who have committed one or more acts of intimate partner violence and take some responsibility for their violent and abusive behaviour towards women. Men can be accepted if they have treated mental illnesses and limited literacy.

Facilitator viewpoint
“It aims to change abusive attitudes and behaviour towards women in relationships and reduce the risk of violence in families. This programme has a broader range to target both conscious acts of violence, committed to exert control, and impulsive violent actions. Participants learn to develop sustainable strategies for change.”

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