Attendance Centres

In August Senior Attendance Centres nationwide become the responsibility of CRCs. The DLNR CRC has attendance centres in Derby, Leicester and Nottingham.   Offenders can be ordered to attend for between 12 and 36 hours for individual sessions lasting three hours. The sessions are on Saturdays and presently each centre opens on alternate weeks. Senior Attendance Centre Requirements can be ordered as a stand alone requirement or as part of a range of penalties within a Community Order.

The target group are:

  • Men and women aged 18-24 years
  • Living within reasonable travelling distance of an attendance centre
  • Convicted of offences which warrant a low level community penalty
  • As a penalty for fine default.

The punishment element is that the offender is deprived of his or her leisure time on a Saturday and within a disciplined environment. The regime offers a range of purposeful activity, development opportunities and often a focus on common issues of criminogenic need in regard to young adults.





What’s involved
Senior Attendance Centre sessions are usually divided into three – one hour slots. There are variations at each centre, but the main elements include physical activities such as team building exercises, life skills featuring basic cooking methods and reparation work in the community, but there are also structured discussions concerning relationships, domestic violence in families, victim awareness, gang culture, drugs and alcohol abuse.