Volunteering Opportunities
Training and working as a volunteer with the CRC provides valuable experience that can be highlighted when seeking other voluntary opportunities or paid employment.  
Range of tasks
Volunteers must be 18 years and over, and be prepared to give a minimum of two hours per week towards the mentoring programme. If you are able to make a great commitment – that’s great! There are opportunities to give as much time as you are able.

Volunteers undertake a wide range of tasks in a variety of settings to support and supplement the work of employed staff, as well as working alongside other volunteers as part of a team.
Training support
The CRC runs a volunteer and mentoring service that provides training, support and development opportunities. We accept applications from men and women who have particular skills and values that we think necessary to undertake this type of work.
Can you tick the boxes

  • good communication skills
  • a non-judgmental approach/open mind
  • reliable
  • consistent
  • understanding boundaries
  • patience
  • flexible
  • a strong belief in fairness, and belief in people’s capacity to change.

Criminal convictions are not necessarily a barrier, but you must disclose any unspent convictions, cautions, reprimands or warnings.

Volunteers can claim monthly expenses to cover their working role or training. However car users must insure their vehicle for business use in order to be able to claim expenses.
How to make contact
Please click on the link that donates your locality and include your name, a contact telephone number, and whether you wish to receive the application pack via email or through the post. (please supply postal address)

Derbyshire link to Volunteer Contact Form.

Leicestershire and Rutland link to Volunteer Contact Form.

Nottinghamshire link to Volunteer Contact Form.