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Young Adults Project

The YAP! was established by the Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland Reducing Reoffending Board (RRB) in October 2013. This was in response to Sir Clive Loader, former Police and Crime Commissioner, identifying young adults (16-24 year olds) as a priority group within the Police and Crime Plan, 2013-2017, based on the evidence that they are involved in a disproportionately high amount of crime. This long-standing issue was also a concern shared by partners. With this in mind, the local Reducing Reoffending Board agreed the first phase of the Project, an exploratory phase aimed at gaining a deeper understanding of the offending and needs of 16-24 year olds locally and examining the evidence as to what is effective in reducing their offending and reoffending. The Project was also tasked with making system-wide recommendations as to how local agencies could work differently to improve outcomes amongst this age group.

We need to understand the developmental and social milestones associated with making a successful transition to adulthood and ensure our collective responses and interventions support young adults who offend to make a positive transition. These milestones are also associated with leading a constructive and crime-free lifestyle so it is in all of our interests to challenge ourselves and ensure we are delivering evidence-based effective services for this group,”
Project Manager for The YAP!

Phase one was achieved through the establishment of a multi-agency Project Board chaired by Paul Brown, Chief Executive of the local YMCA. Phase one concluded in May 2014 with a Launch Event outlining the findings taking place in July 2014. The Project is now entering Phase 2 – the Implementation Phase where it is tasked with implementing the recommendations, all of which have been approved by the local Reducing Reoffending Board and Strategic Partnership Board.

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YAP Phase One Exec Summary

YAP Phase One Full Report